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Welcome to Odonata Studios


Here in Odonata Studios we understand that you have concerns for your safety during the coronavirus outbreak and we're doing all we can to help allay any worries you may have about visiting our shop.

There are new measures in place to maintain a safe environment for everyone, including a limit to the number of visitors to the shop. This will mean no more than 2 customers in the front of the shop at any one time.

Hand sanitiser is provided as, while we request you to keep the  handling of our beautiful goods to a minimum, we do know that in some cases this is unavoidable.

Any goods which are handled or touched during your visit will need to be sanitised before replacing on the shelves again. To this end, bowls are provided for you to place these items into before placing the bowl on the counter for us to deal with afterwards.

Screens are in place to minimise any risk through face to face contact during consultations and purchases.


We acknowledge that these are anxious times for us all and hope that you will help us to help you stay safe and well. As the Coronavirus is still a fluid situation if you see us do something which you think we could do better we would really appreciate your views on this as it's new to us and to everyone..

We really look forward to seeing you again soon.

Much love,


Odonata Studios



Making your life more beautiful. Gifts for your home and your soul

Odonata Studios is a small, independant business offering you a selection of unique, handcrafted, sterling silver jewellery, small artworks and other beautiful objects to intrigue, amuse and enjoy. 

All of our jewellery is created, forged, smithed or constructed by the business owner, Gillian, either in her smithing workshop in Solihull or at the retail shop in Middleton Hall Courtyard. It is all sterling silver around either art glass/lampwork glass or gemstones. Sometimes a combination of both!

We will soon be offering hand crafted jewellery from other artists too, so keep an eye open for those; we're very excited about it!

All of our homewares and giftwares have been personally selected for their quality and style and are all, with a couple of exceptions, either made in Britain or designed in Britain.

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